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A Sampling
A Sampling

Connection Course Correction

March 19, 2024

The Great Recalibration

Consumers and brands alike are rebuilding the infrastructure of pre-social-media society, from 9-5 desk careers to offline communication and intergenerational living. Influencer flight to corporate life is in full swing as content creators recognize the psychological detriments of commodifying one's life and always being "on." TikTok star Ana Wolfermann recently spoke out, hoping to trade her 1-million followers for a regular job. As other influencers glorify the 9-5 grind and consumers report higher rates of happiness without smartphones, expect career aspirations to shift from creator to corporate. The desire for normalcy extends to community living. In Japan, home goods brand Muji is tackling loneliness by refurbishing intergenerational middle-class housing projects to attract young residents, featuring social events with older residents.

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