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A Sampling
A Sampling

Retro living and artificial surfing.

September 05, 2023

Retro living returns.

Perhaps a fan of The Jetsons, Elon Musk revealed plans for a new Tesla Supercharger station in Hollywood that will feature a 50s-inspired dinner and drive-in movie theatre for customers to enjoy while recharging. The space will provide quick-service food options and screen movie clips instead of full films, since the Supercharger can add 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Blending lightning-fast technological advancements with notions of nostalgia, this reminder of simpler times resonates as a dystopian future looms near. The Co. expects to see more cultural and aesthetic embrace of "retro-futuristic" sensibilities with touches of mod design. Think: Space Race era meets 2020. Don’t believe us? Check out Chanel’s latest pop-up concept.

Catching the perfect wave is about to be a breeze.

As surfing surges beyond its tight-knit community, renowned real estate developer Discovery Land Company has announced a new property in the works, Austin Surf Club. In partnership with legendary surfer Kelly Slater, the project brings surfing to Texas through Slater’s proprietary Wave Systems technology, which allows for the man-made creation of a perfect wave. Promoting a residential community with farm-to-table dining experiences and state-of-the-art spa and wellness offerings, the concept further hints at a shift towards surfing as the ultimate mind-body-soul meditative experience. Meanwhile, an impending climate catastrophe has us anticipating more applications of artificial nature and environmental experiences just like this. Soon, we’ll be surfing and spa-ing in South Dakota!

Better “Encore Years” bring commercial opportunity.

A new phase of life between career and senescence emerges as consumers live longer: the “Encore Years.” David Brooks’ recent reporting on the rise of post-career programs at universities like Stanford, Harvard, and Notre Dame suggests today’s over-60s want to have more enriching experiences than the retirees of yore. Such post-career programs have become popular for their ability to guide vocational change, inspire community service, and, most notably, create dozens of new friendships, often a rarity for this age range. Outside academia, the marked, international expansion of the late Jimmy Buffet’s Latitudes Margaritaville “55-and-better” retirement community underscores the demand for young-at-heart living. Take this consumer cohort seriously and tap into their zest for life by “selling up” products and experiences traditionally geared towards younger audiences.

Hotels are the new country club.

Hotels make use of sprawling grounds, attractive amenities, and activity programming with membership models for nearby consumers. In Oxfordshire, England, Estelle Manor is part hotel, part country club outpost for sister establishment in London, the Maison Estelle members’ club. Urbanites are flocking to its old English aesthetic and family-friendly activities like a kids' adventure course for mini Land Rovers. Known for a world-class golf course, upstate New York hotel and resort Inness offers a community membership program with features like preferred tee times, coworking lounges, educational programs, and family activities. As traditional country clubs struggle to retain members without huge capital-improvement projects, expect to see more countryside and suburban hotels commandeering members.

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Eating becomes satisfyingly organized.

With all eyes on back-to-school trends, we've noticed an influx of bento-style lunch boxes with clever compartments and decidedly modern design. All over our social feeds, the "Snacklebox" puts out-of-commission tackle boxes to good use­, a tactical charcuterie chest if you will. And we would be remiss not to mention “girl dinner,” which includes CD favorites like olives, pickles, and tinned fish–anything healthy, preserved, and bite-sized. This approach to eating feels timely as people shy away from fad-diets and embrace intuitive eating. Whether it’s offering variety or portion control, thoughtfully curated meals make eating-on-the-go easy and enjoyable.

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