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A Sampling
A Sampling

Three Next Big Things

January 30, 2024

Bean cuisine: the new tinned fish.

Everyone we know is suddenly smitten with Nat's Nourishments and her bean-centric cuisine. The food-fluencer is rising to the top of algorithms casting a luxurious halo around the hearty pantry staple. There’s a few things happening here. One, the sludge of winter and consumers' obsession with curating coziness raised the stock of savory and sloupy foods. Two, hard economic times have people getting creative with fewer, affordable ingredients, like canned goods. Three, beans are quietly rising in the alt-protein arms race as an easier behavior change than lab-grown or plant-based meat. A cheap, timeless classic, like taking the subway instead of buying an EV. Canned beans will likely see a new-age premiumization wave like tinned fish has in recent years, going organic, expanding in flavors, and dressing up in packaging, of course. Heyday Canning Co and Rancho Gordo are the early adopters to watch.

Themed weddings: the new anti-normal.

A friend of The Co. recently attended a “Glam Rock” themed wedding at New York Public Library, achieving a level of sophistication and theatrics that, dare we say, nailed a moment in current consumer culture. During cocktail hour, guests mingled around the family of honor holding still like statues as they posed for a live portrait. Outfits dripping glitter, music on-point, and high-design decor erecting otherworldly fantasy, the scene scratched a similar itch to Saltburn's anti-boring indie opulence—a stark departure from the look-alike luxury weddings reinforced by social media and bandwagon trend culture. As consumers’ aesthetic IQ sharpens alongside a desire for original expressions of individuality, we expect milestone celebrations to swerve off the Millennial bride-beaten isle, conceptually and creatively.


Out West: the new Country Club.

Tennis, golf, pickle, paddle. If you can play it socially and at a country club, you can currently see it everywhere in street fashion. Golf-core and tennis-core now officially over-saturated, attention and aspirations shift to Out-West activity. While high-fashion snow sport style is nothing new, vibes are veering Western. Recent launches in the space—Farm Rio’s maximalist southwestern and Bruno Cucinelli’s old-money Aspen—show the concept two ways. Expect this to transcend the slopes and bring a gold rush of commercial activity to the West: think rodeos, snow shoeing, fly fishing, hiking retreats, and related aesthetics.

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