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A Sampling
A Sampling

Climate Creativity

February 27, 2024

No new things.

Consumers are pushing back on the status quo of rampant, unchecked consumption with micro social movements that threaten the current selling cadence. Three to know now:

#1 Degrowth – an old idea to purposefully shrink the economy for sustainability is back, as people increasingly critique late-stage capitalism and “growth at any cost” ideology.

#2 No spend challenge – part 2 of the #deinfluencing movement; young consumers all over social media are abstaining from modern consumerism, drastically altering lifestyles to benefit their financial health and the planet.

#3 Mend hauls – a counter movement to wasteful influencer product hauls; consumers flex sewing and refurbishing skills on long-owned items or vintage finds.

Upcycling will advance exponentially alongside this “no new things” mentality. Small makers like Katie Stout and Nicole Mclaughlin gained mindshare with consumers and created an aspirational halo around a salvaged aesthetic. Now, bigger brands are forced to figure out how to do it at scale. Look to Miu Miu’s new upcycled collection of denim and bags—tackling one category at a time—for a hint at where it’s headed.

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