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A Sampling
A Sampling

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March 26, 2024

The Kids Are Not Alright

Perhaps the most depressing narrative in the media is the widespread decline of kids’ and young adults’ health and wellbeing. In addition to alarmingly poor mental health, Gen Z is more lonely and friendless than ever, dating less, having less sex, and is less interested in having kids than previous generations. Smartphones and social media the common denominator, Psychologist Jonathan Haidt argues for returning to phone-free childhoods in a recent feature in The Atlantic. This is not so far-fetched, as consumers have already set this movement in motion (see our previous discussion of modern Luddites).

What does this mean for brands and businesses?

• Don’t rely on social media marketing

• Revive the joy and serendipity of in-person shopping and discovery

• Bet on IRL events that connect people over like-minded interests

• Bring back analog products and phone-free activities

Need more inspiration? Download our report, The Kids Are (Not) Alright.


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