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A Sampling
A Sampling

Interior Updates

April 16, 2024

1. Smart homes become dumb home.

The latest interior status symbol in Silicon Valley isn’t a chakra-cleansing shower, it’s a simplified, uncomplicated home. According to designer Ken Fulk, clients are purging technological bells and whistles and instead opting for ease and tradition. This warmer, analog home design aligns with the overarching trend towards reducing screen time and dependency on technology in the name of less maintenance and upkeep–it’s the interior version of the increasingly popular Lite Phone. Expect this stripped-down philosophy to extend to other everyday products that can live without high tech–cars, kitchen tools, lighting, etc.

2. Snowbird style ups the ante.

The beachy Floridian aesthetic has been firmly situated in kitschy home decor and tacky vacation wardrobing. But expect the category to elevate as more young creatives move to the south and pop-cultural influences like Palm Royale and Capote Vs. The Swans breathe new life into the aesthetic. Elements of modern whimsy and old-world nostalgia will gain traction and swiftly infiltrate mainstream markets, taking the look from cliche to creative.

Designers and aesthetic drivers to note:

Marina Silva

de Gournay

The Boca Raton rebrand


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